Collaborating with Educational Organizations /

We collaborates with other educational institutions and organizations in an effort to mobilize educators, professionals and artisans to create historic objects on a project-by-project basis. Our "hands-on" educational program activities occur through intense workshops and events, which happen throughout a calendar year linked to the schedule of the collaborating institution or organization. The work of Handshouse Studio also includes ongoing research and development of ideas and connecting with potential collaborators, as well as resourcing and compiling information, tool and materials in preparation for a scheduled educational events, project or workshops.

Collaborators /

Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Warsaw, Poland
The Association of the Jewish Historical Institutes, Warsaw, Poland
The Ethnographic Architecture Museum in Sanok, Poland
Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA
Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH
University of Georgia, Department of Art, Athens, GA

Collaborating with Film Companies /

Handshouse Studio works with film companies as partners in providing educational opportunities to a variety of educational organizations and to the public. The relationship can allow the educational process to be funded or promoted by film production companies who document a hands-on learning project. The film companies can document a high-quality, intelligent and exciting learning event and Handshouse Studio provides a quality, intelligent and exciting learning project that is shared with collaborating participants, educational institutions and organizations.
     Handshouse Studio requires that the filming of the project be conducted in a manner that provides quality and un-compromised educational opportunity for the participants and the educational organizations. We do not compromise the educational value of the project for the sake of the film and insist that hands-on learning for the participants is the primary goal. Handshouse Studio also works with the production company to locate and brings together the various educational organization and participants who are appropriate, well informed, interested in the educational value of the subject and wish to participate in and contribute to such an educational learning opportunity.

Collaborators /

John Rubin Productions
Trillium Studios
Providence Pictures
Windfall Films