Our Mission /

If you want to understand the world, you must look from many sides. 
If you look from many sides you will see the three dimensions.
If you map the three dimensions, you will begin to understand. 
Build it and you will learn.

The Handshouse credo is: Learning is the last great adventure. 

Handshouse Studio is a non-profit, innovative, educational organization that creates adventurous hands-on projects through community-service, building projects with non-profit partners around the world as a way to explore history, understand science, and perpetuate the arts. Handshouse, co-founded by Rick Brown and Laura Brown in 2002, is located in Norwell, Massachusetts. It has gained international recognition for its pedagogical method of connecting institutions and organizations to carry out bold and complex educational built projects.
     Handshouse creates projects outside of the traditional classroom that energize history through the reconstruction of large historical objects. Through the intensive investigation of a single object, doors open to a wide range of related subjects, usually studied independently, creating a richly layered understanding of a moment in history, a literal three-dimensional view of the object and an interactive and engaging method of learning how this object fit into its world and what part it has played in the creation of our world today
     Handshouse collaborates with educational organizations and institutions providing faculty and students the opportunity to work with scholars, educators, historians, architects, engineers, anthropologists, archeologists, artists, craftsman, and builders in a wide range of historical subjects. Our intense workshops create a dynamic learning experience where everyone contributes to the process and everyone learns. 
     Handshouse reaches large audiences regionally, nationally, and internationally through exhibitions, lectures, films, workshops, and publications in magazines such as National Geographic, Archeology Today, Smithsonian, Fine Homebuilding, Timber Frame Magazine, South Shore Living, and through national and international news media and our website which has a comprehensive overview of all our projects. Handshouse has collaborated with film companies such as PBS’s NOVA, Discovery Channel,  National Geographic Television, WGBH, England’s Channel 4, Frances Channel 5, Czech television, and BBC. 

Handshouse Studio
8 Meadow Farms Way
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